Bethany’s Bridals and bridal portrait bouquets…

One of my best friends, Bethany Childress, is getting married at the end of the month!!  I’m thrilled about her wedding – it’s going to be fabulous!  Not only because she’s just one of the most amazing friends, people, wedding coordinators, dog lovers (and dog putter-up-withs), I get to be a bridesmaid, but she’s also using Posey Floral and Event Design as her florist!  Yes, you heard that right—she’s a fantastic coordinator.  She is the fabulous and super creative brain behind 36TH Street Events.  I know it sounds like I’m plugging 36th Street Events because I’m good friends with them, but despite being friends, they’re really fabulous coordinators, and I’d recommend them to any one needing coordinating help for any event!

Okay, so that was a tangent I wasn’t expecting to go into… What I was going to say is that she’s getting married at the end of the month and yesterday she took her bridals with her fabulous photographer Jennifer Nichols of The Nichols Photography.  Because photography is my biggest hobby and passion (besides my pups!), Jennifer let me tag along and second shoot.  I had the best time and Bethany was just absolutely stunning.  Jennifer is a really wonderful photographer.  Not only because her style is fun, unique and just really beautiful, but she also makes her subjects feel really comfortable, which makes the process much more relaxing and easier.  Check out The Nichols’ blog … she recently had a baby, and has shown off some adorable photos of Georgia.  Unfortunately, I can’t show you any of the bridals until after the wedding, but I can show you a photo of her bridal portrait bouquet.  Posey made a portrait bouquet for Bethany’s shoot, which looks similar to her wedding day bouquet.  Check out the photos below!

About portrait bouquets: I think they’re a great idea.  They’re usually a smaller, slightly more simplified version of the wedding day bouquet.  They have a ton of perks!  They help the bride see what their chosen flowers will look like together, thus they provide a “trial run” of the bouquet.  The bride gets to take it home after their shoot, but it in a vase and VUALA!, you have a beautiful arrangement for your house!  (remember to cut the stems!  After a day of wear and tear, they’ll gladly drink up a bunch of water once the stems are cut). And maybe the biggest perk for the bride, it gives you something to hold while you’re posing!  If you’ve ever been the only subject in a photo shoot, you know how kind of awkward you feel, and are constantly wondering, even asking, “What should I do with my hands?!?”  Well, a portrait bouquet is the perfect answer!   I don’t typically get to go to the portrait shoots, so I don’t always get photos of the bouquets right away, but as I get them from photographs I’ll post them!  These photos are from me, but I’ll post some of Jennifer’s soon!

- Madeleine

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